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Union home may offer relief for CT residents dealing with crumbling foundations

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There could be some new hope for those with crumbling foundations in Connecticut. 

A woman in northeastern Connecticut is building a new home with a fiberglass foundation, one of the first in our area. 

In the town of Union, workers were building a brand-new house on Wednesday. What’s unusual about the home is its foundation, which is made of fiberglass instead of composite.    

Rachel Trinque has been following the crumbling foundation epidemic

“We did a lot of research into crumbling foundations and the surrounding Stafford, Union,” Trinque said. “We didn't want to use concrete

Rachel's research led to her to Wisconsin and epitome composite panels system.

“Concrete has been around for years and it’s been relied upon for many years but there are better and Smarter ways to do things,” Trinque said.

Glenn Schiffman points out that many parts of a new house like cabinets and walls are manufactured in a quality controlled environment so why not foundations.

Schiffman said his product is similar to the hull of a boat, it won't leak, is durable and energy efficient.

“The benefits of manufacturing in a controlled environment you can have a quality product,” Trinque said.

The town building inspector is optimistic

“It could be a problem solver for the people with the crumbling foundation in our area,” Trinque said.

A replacement foundation is more complex. The house has to be raised and the foundation poured, so a pre-fabricated foundation could work.

“It’s too early to tell if it will save money but time-saving is key,” Trinque said.  

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