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Student's threat sends Enfield school into lockdown

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A suicidal girl threatened to shoot an ex-boyfriend at Enfield High School on Friday morning and it prompted a lockdown, according to police. (WFSB) A suicidal girl threatened to shoot an ex-boyfriend at Enfield High School on Friday morning and it prompted a lockdown, according to police. (WFSB)

Enfield High School was locked down on Friday morning after police said a suicidal girl sent a threat to an ex-boyfriend. 

Superintendent of Schools Chris Drezek told Channel 3 the incident stemmed from a student threatening another student and added since it was an isolated incident between those two. 

"All students and staff are safe. At no time were any students or staff in danger. This morning, we were notified that a student allegedly made a threat against another, and we needed to hold students in place while the police located these individuals," Enfield Mayor Scott Kaupin said in a notification to parents on Friday.  

Police said an unidentified 16-year-old girl texted her ex-boyfriend that she was suicidal and wanted to harm him early Friday morning.  

"The 16-year-old female had texted her ex-boyfriend that she was suicidal and wanted to harm him wanted to kill him," Enfield Police Chief Carl Sferrazza said. "And she was going to get her new boyfriend and her were going to harm him or kill him." 

Once the ex-boyfriend arrived at Enfield High School on Friday, he told the administration and the school went into lockdown immediately until she could be located by police. 

"Basically I got in my friends' car. They were denying people," Evie Post, who is a junior at Enfield High School, said. "They were shoving people into closets, other rooms."

Sferrazza said the teenage girl, who was unarmed, was located in one of the classrooms 30 minutes later. She was put into protective custody and brought to the hospital for psychiatric care.

"Our first priority was to make sure the situation was under control and then communicate the facts to all of you. Safety protocols were initiated and followed," Kaupin said.

As of 8:15 a.m., the lockdown was lifted at school, which is located on Enfield Street, and the students returned to their normal schedule, police said. School officials and police said no students were said to be in danger.

"Our compliments to the safety personnel, students, and staff for remaining calm and following our established procedures. We appreciate everyone's cooperation in keeping our community safe," Kaupin said.

Some parents on social media said they were frustrated that they couldn't get immediate information, but Drezek said the first priority is always making sure the kids are safe. 

"I feel like everybody did their job and everything was under control, but it doesn't make it any less scary whether I'm told or whether I'm not told," parent Chris Kibbe said. 

Drezek said they got "information out to parents as quickly as we can, but we also want to make sure we are giving them accurate information.

"So as we are getting it sometimes if we send out multiple messages that sometimes makes it more confusing," Drezek said. 

Drezek said a robocall went out to tell parents when the lockdown was lifted on Friday morning.

"We certainly can't go as fast as social media can," Sferrazza said. "Take a breath, give us a call, do I need to get my kid, what's going and we will work with them." 

 "Obviously with social media and kids having phones they're going to reach out to their parents before we have an opportunity to so we try to recognize that," Drezek said. "But at the same time, we want to make sure that parents get accurate information." 

Students reacted to the lockdown that lasted about 45 minutes. 

"They could have at least told us what was going on," Post said. "They could have actually addressed the problem instead of just not talking about it." 

"It was crazy. You just sat in the room just pitch black and there was just no talking and there was a lot of repercussions about that," Alex Torres, who is a senior at Enfield High School, said. "They did not want anything happening to any students." 

Sferrazza said the new boyfriend had no role in the threat. 

"We have nothing to link him to any criminal activity in this," Sferrazza said.

Sferrazza said the boyfriend did the "right thing" by contacting a school official. 

"So at no point was there anyone in danger of any harm at the school," Sferrazza said. "But, none less it was a very good idea to lock down that school. We can't take chances with our children. We're just happy it resolved itself and no one got hurt." 

School officials say this threat happened out of school, so It's now in the hands of the Enfield Police Department. Sferrazza said the investigation into this case continues and they will decide if any charges will be brought against the girl. 

"We are here to keep those kids safe and we are going to do that," Sferrazza said.

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