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Social media reacts to deadly mass shooting in Texas

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First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, TX. (MGN) First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, TX. (MGN)

In the wake of the deadly shooting in Texas that left 26 people dead, people from all over the country took to social media to call for change and say enough is enough.

Scrolling through Twitter and Facebook, it's hard to miss the outpouring of support.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal addressed what happened in Texas during a news conference at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford on Monday afternoon. 

Blumenthal also published tweets, but on Sunday night.

"Enough is enough," he wrote. "Now is the time for common sense gun violence prevention steps. Congressional complicity must end."

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The number of people killed also has significance in Connecticut. It's the same number of people who were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012.

Nicole Hockley, who is the mother of Dylan Hockley killed in Sandy Hook shooting, said: "26 might seem like an arbitrary number until it’s your community." 

"Forty-nine might seem like an arbitrary number until it’s your community. Fifty-nine might seem like an arbitrary number until It’s your community. When your son is one of the 26, the number will take on new meeting. When your wife is one of the 26, the number will take on new meaning. These aren’t just numbers – they are people. We can no longer say that these numbers are arbitrary, that these numbers don’t reach small towns like Newtown, Roseburg, Littleton. That gun violence like this only happens in big cities like Las Vegas, Orlando, San Diego, San Bernardino. There is immense urgency in these numbers. They rise and fall, reaching heights we’ve never seen in modern history; pulling entire communities to lows they didn’t know could exist. Grieve and pray for Sutherland Springs, Texas, then act. The time to talk about gun violence is long past. The time to act is now," Nicole Hockley said in a statement on Monday. 

On Monday, the Sandy Hook Promise organization sent out a series of posts on Twitter.

"We are heartbroken and nearly speechless. What happened in Sutherland Springs, TX is not normal. The time to talk about gun violence is now."

The group also tweeted "Grieve for Texas today, but then take action tomorrow to prevent further tragedies in the future."

"Our hearts are with Sutherland Springs, Texas, after a shooting at a church has left more than 25 people dead and many injured. Like Newtown, Sutherland Springs is a small, close-knit community that will now never be the same. The time to talk about gun violence prevention is now. We cannot allow tragedies and the senseless loss of life to keep happening when we have the power to prevent them. Grieve for Texas today, but then take action tomorrow to prevent further tragedies in the future," Sandy Hook Promise said in a statement on Monday.

Sen. Chris Murphy put up a lengthy post on Facebook.

"My heart aches for Sutherland Springs," Murphy said. "Just like it still does for Las Vegas. And Orlando. And Charleston. And Aurora. And Blacksburg. And Newtown. Just like it does every night for Chicago. And Bridgeport. And Baltimore. Now is the time for Congress to overcome its cowardice and do something."

There has been push-back on the cries for gun control from the Connecticut Citizens Defense League.

"We are stunned and saddened by this tragedy and lack of respect for human life," the CCDL told Channel 3. "Once again our two senators and our governor are using this horrible event to politicize their gun control schemes."

Investigators said a local resident grabbed his own rifle and engaged the gunman.

"As more information has come to light, we are thankful that a law-abiding armed citizen was able to stop the shooter before this mass murder could have gotten any worse," added Scott Wilson Sr., president, CCDL. "The fact that somebody was armed and able to stop this person flies in the face of what Our two anti-gun senators often repeat while they are politicizing such events."

On Monday, Gov. Dannel Malloy commented on the Texas church shooting. 

"I remember speaking to a member of the press after Sandy Hook. I said, this is going to happen in your neighborhood. It's going to happen in all of our neighborhoods," Malloy said. 

Rep. Rosa Delauro responded, also on Twitter.

"We cannot become numb to these all-too-frequent shootings," DeLauro said. "Congress needs to act on gun violence prevention bills."

Rep. Joe Courtney also called for action.

"Texas Church Shooting is a nightmare," Courtney posted to Twitter. "Time to not just mourn, time to ACT to prevent mass shootings."

Rep. Elizabeth Esty called inaction unacceptable.

"Our hearts are broken once again with the news from Texas tonight. It’s become increasingly clear that we have two choices: accept this senseless carnage as the new normal in our society, or stand as Americans against the force of the corporate gun lobby to prevent future tragedies," Esty said in a statement on Monday. 

Esty is a vice chair of the House Gun Violence Prevention Task Force. She also represents Newtown. 

"I’m ready to work with anyone, Republican or Democrat, who will help to end the epidemic of gun violence in this country. I hope that responsible gun owners throughout our country will join me to find a better way forward and keep families safe," Esty said. 

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