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Magnetic eyelashes energize the internet

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Magnetic eyelashes are a hot topic on the internet. (WFSB) Magnetic eyelashes are a hot topic on the internet. (WFSB)
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Magnetic eyelashes are the new rage on the internet.

People can likely see them dominating social media feeds.

They don't involve glue, a mess and they're supposedly "comfortable."

"I've heard something just in passing but I've never tried them or anything," said Shannon Fazzalaro of Farmington. "I don't know if they work. 

Channel 3 sought to see what consumers had to say about them.

"They would be easy," said Victoria Anderson of Bristol. "You wouldn't have to worry about putting on mascara."

"If they fell off you would just snap them back on," commented Debbie Chicoine of Bristol.

The eyelashes can be bought online.

Channel 3 purchased some from Amazon for $18 a pair. The prices vary depending on the brand.

They come with instructions.

They say to first place the top lash above the natural eyelashes.

Then, without blinking, the user has to place the bottom lash under the natural lashes so it meets and connects with the top lash magnet.

It took Channel 3's Courtney Zieller several tries.

"I feel the magnet and I feel it when i'm blinking," she said.

Zieller said for her, they were not comfortable.

She even put on the old kind of lashes using adhesive.

"I'm always scared the glue is going to get in my eye," she said.

Channel 3 went to ask some makeup lovers for their opinions.

Some people couldn't tell the difference.

"They look the same. I think. I like your right eye," Shannon Fazzalaro of Farmington told Zieller.

While she wasn't 100 percent sold on the idea, Zieller said she knew people who lived them.

She said it depends on personal preference.

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