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Woman says landlord won't fix furnace deemed unsafe

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A landlord won't fix a broken furnace, and said if his landlord doesn't like it, she can move (WFSB) A landlord won't fix a broken furnace, and said if his landlord doesn't like it, she can move (WFSB)

A Bristol mother of two young children said she hasn't had heat all week, and that her landlord won't fix her furnace that has been deemed "unsafe."

Porscha Michaud said she reached out to Channel 3 for help after she said her landlord isn't doing much about her broken furnace.

Eversource did tell Channel 3 that Michaud’s furnace was deemed unsafe. Channel 3 also learned that the same landlord who owns the property owns a property that was on the blight list in Bristol.

When Channel 3 called the landlord on Wednesday, he said that if his tenant doesn't like it, Michaud can move.

“It says right now my house is at 62,” Michaud said.

Michaud said when she woke up, it was between 56-58.

Michaud said she's lived in this Bristol apartment for about a year. She admits to being behind on her Eversource bill, but when she finally caught up, she said a technician told her something she never thought she'd have to hear.

“They came to reinstate my gas and upon doing that I was told I would have hot water and my stove would work,” Michaud said. “But my heat would no longer work because they've been telling my landlord for quite some time now that my furnace has been deemed hazardous.”

Eversource confirmed a worker was there to reconnect service Thursday but found the furnace was "unsafe to reconnect" and they “red tagged" it. An actual red tag means it can't be used.

Michaud’s furnace did not have a red tag, however, Channel 3 determined that it looked fairly old. Channel 3 couldn't find a serial number but looked online. The furnace that she has were marketed between 1946 and 1968.

The filter appeared to have not been changed in awhile. It was dirty with spider webs, hair, and dust. 

“My bills last year was between $400 to $500 a month just to heat my apartment and it's clearly not energy efficient,” Michaud said.

The owner of this property is the same owner who owns the neighboring building -- an old diner that was on Bristol’s blight list. The owner agreed to fix it, so it wasn't knocked down.

Channel 3 covered the story three years ago and it appears there was some improvement to the building.

As for Michaud, she said she was concerned about the week coming up as temperatures are expected to drop.

“I have no heat and Friday is it going to be 18 degrees outside and I have kids in the home,” Michaud said.

Channel 3 called her landlord and he said "she can move out" and that he “is taking care of the problem."

Now, a furnace can last up to 30 years, if it's serviced yearly and the filters are changed.

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