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Channel 3's reporters name this season's storms

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Channel 3 has a long-standing tradition of naming the winter storms that impact Connecticut.

This season, the names come directly from the people who have to stand in them, Channel 3's reporters.

Meteorologist Mark Dixon said the tradition is unique to the station and actually dates back to the days of the Travelers Weather Service.

"It’s a tradition that started in 1971, that our station is proud to carry on today," Dixon said.

Dixon said the names are easy to remember. He cited the likes of Blizzard Larry in 1978 and the ice storm of 1973 named Felix.

This decade, Connecticut saw Winter Storm Alfred in Oct. 2011 which caused record power outages and Blizzard Charlotte in 2013, which dumped 40 inches of snow on parts of the state.

"In order for a storm to get a name, it has to meet certain criteria," Dixon said. "We must expect at least 6 inches of snow for much of the state, and/or a half inch of ice accretion."

In the past, themes for Channel 3's storm names have included former first ladies and notable sports figures with Connecticut ties.

"For this season, we had our team of reporters, since they’re the ones having to be live from the field, in the storms, provide two names each for a letter of the alphabet and then let our viewers vote," Dixon said.

Channel 3's Susan Raff was the first of 10 reporters and was assigned the letter "A."

Voting started on Wednesday.

More 3,000 people voted between the names Abi and Ali. Ali won with nearly 74 percent of the vote. The name was announced during Channel 3's 11 p.m. broadcast.

Thursday, Matt McFarland's selections of Braeden and Brody were up. Brody took 68 percent of the vote.

Friday, Channel 3 revealed the next couple of names from Channel 3's Matthew Campbell. Clare was victorious over Constance with more than 62 percent of the vote. 

Courtney Zieller's choices were revealed on Monday. Dakota defeated Davenport with nearly 86 percent of the vote.

Sujata Jain was up next with her selections of Elsa and Emma. It was a close one, but Elsa couldn't 'Let it Go' and took 51 percent of the vote.

Roger Susanin's Ferris won over Frank.

Genny, pronounced JEAN-ie, was Eva Zymaris' pick.

David McKay's selection of Harrison beat out Hubert with nearly 70 percent of the vote.

Ivy defeated Ireland as Jennifer Lee's choice.

Finally, "J" was between Jacob and Jeff, courtesy of Patricia Del Rio. Jacob emerged victorious.

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