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Listening to holiday music too much or too often could lead to stress

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SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB/WSHM) - Could listening to Christmas music be bad for your health?  That headline is trending today on social media.  

The idea: listening to holiday music, too early and too often through the season, can actually make people stressed out and depressed.    

However, is it true?  

If you picked up on the story circulating on social media claiming that a new study that said listening too early and too often can make you depressed, we saw it too and wondered...could that be true?  

So Western Mass News called the author cited in the study: the American Psychiatric Association.  

They said nope, it's not from them. They said, try the American Psychological Association.  

We did and it wasn't them either.   

What the APA did say is that their recent study found that 61 percent of people will experience stress during this holiday season.  

The part about too much Christmas music - come to find out that was added by a clinical psychologist in Britain, whose comments went viral.   

However, Baystate Medical Center psychiatrist Dr. Stuart Anfang told Western Mass News that the idea may have merit. 

"I suppose, theoretically, I suppose it could.  I mean it's counter-intuitive because you would think the music is supposed to make you feel good, right? and put you in a good spirit and a good state of mind.  That being said, if you're listening to holiday music 24/7, I suppose it would get you focused on your holiday planning.  I could imagine it would lead to stress about, I have to go shopping, I have to plan my parties, I have to all those things," Anfang explained.

Anfang said that it doesn't help that Christmas songs are already on the radio and in retail stores.

"We always talk about doing everything in moderation, whether it's eating or drinking or partying or shopping.  All those things are wonderful around the holidays, family togetherness, but too much of any of those things can lead to excess, fatigue, and over-stressed, s\o it doesn't surprise me that Christmas music would fall into that category," Anfang added.

Feeling stressed already?  Anfang said that stepping up exercise during the holidays and meditation really can help and try turning off the holiday music or try listening in moderation.

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