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Navy veteran allowed to keep flag flying outside condo

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A veteran was told he couldn't fly his Navy flag at his condo (WFSB) A veteran was told he couldn't fly his Navy flag at his condo (WFSB)

An Enfield veteran has been battling with the leaders of his condominium complex over the right to fly a Navy flag outside his home.

The story has received national attention and on Tuesday, the situation was resolved. 

After a meeting on Tuesday, Joseph Allen’s Navy flag will stay put. He said it honors our veterans and our country.

“Every day I see that and I say you know I’m home,” Allen said.

He served in the Navy in the late 1960s and the early 1970s, and suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

He said the flag reminds him his sacrifice helped others.

“It's tool to help me heal. In my mind,” Allen said.

Recently, a board member at the Laurels Condominium Complex where Allen lives told him he had to remove the flag because it violates condo regulations.

I was appalled. I felt I was dishonored,” Allen said.

According to rules and regulations at the Laurels, that it is only permissible to fly the American flag, or a decorative, holiday or seasonal flag outside your home. 

So, Allen was told if he didn't take down the Navy flag he would be fined $25 a day.

“I felt they had no respect for any of the veterans that served,” Allen said.

The decision made Allen feel unwelcome at the Laurels, but everything changed over the last few days. 

Roughly 98 percent of his neighbors signed a petition demanding that Allen be permitted to fly the Navy flag, and many of them bashed the board.

In the end, the board relented.

The Navy flag can stay right where it is.

Allen said he is grateful to his neighbors who appreciate all he sacrificed and why this victory is about so much more than a simple piece of fabric.

“It made me realize that there are more people with common sense and the respect for the United States, and the respect for the Armed Forces,” Allen said.

The condominium board will verify the signatures on the petition and then change the rules so that former veterans can display military flags. 

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