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Waterbury adopts new potty training policy for school district

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The Waterbury Board of Education adopted a new potty training policy (WFSB) The Waterbury Board of Education adopted a new potty training policy (WFSB)

If you're a parent, you know getting your children potty trained isn't easy.

While it used to be necessary before kids headed off to school, a Connecticut school district says it will no longer be required for its littlest students.

On Wednesday night, Waterbury’s Board of Education unanimously adopted an updated policy for its pre-school programs, specifically being toilet trained is no longer a requirement.

No longer will 3 and 4 year old’s be denied admission to the city's preschool program if they are not toilet trained.

The old policy, which was in place since 2012, required every child to be toilet trained.

"The pre-k program is at the point in our city one of the most important cogs in a child's education. We need to get them off to a good start. The more children we get into the program, the better for their education system and toilet training is a developmental process, such as learning how to behave in a classroom, learning how to read,” said Bob Brenker, of the Waterbury School District.

There’s also another reason for the switch.

"There was a discussion with a person at the state who runs the School Readiness Program and the grant money that if Waterbury were not to allow these students into the program that they possibly could pull funding for the program,” Brenker said.

The district says the new policy allows them to serve more students, and right now just 32 of nearly 800 students in Waterbury’s Early Childhood Program are not toilet trained.

While children won't be denied admission - the policy states its expected children will arrive at the preschool program toilet trained, and for those that are not, a plan will be developed.

"I think it depends on the situation and how the children are brought up in the household and really if they're at that point or if they struggle,” said Chelsea Barsaleaux, of Waterbury.

The school district said under the new policy, the family will be responsible for the diapers and the wipes.

It will also need to negotiate with the unions representing teachers’ aides and paraprofessionals since those are the ones who the work will fall onto.

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