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Kindergartener escaped Killingly school during recess

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A kindergarten student at a Killingly school was able to escape during recess this week, according to his mother. 

The student's mom said the escape wasn't easy and was a close call before a teacher was able to catch up with him. 

Jayden Fiore is a rambunctious kindergartener, but when he escaped from Killingly Central School during recess on Tuesday, he didn't do it to seek adventure. 

He said he was distraught because his grandmother was in the hospital. 

"It's just that I miss my nan and I feel bad for her," Fiore said. 

Fiore ended up at Owen Hill Park, which is at the back of the school. 

A locked fence and a very small stretch of woods separates the school from the park, but amazingly Jayden and another child were able to escape under the fence. 

"I was wearing a coat and my hood got stuck so then I just decided I should just go," Fiore said. 

Four staff members supervise recess and school administrators said they were notified by an alert kindergartener. While the other child didn't run, within seconds, they said a teacher had eyes on Jayden. 

School officials said it would be two to three minutes and about a quarter mile later before a teacher physically caught up with Fiore, who made it to the parking lot at the park.  

School officials said they immediately determined Fiore was physically safe and tried to call his mother, Rachel. She's a student nurse and wasn't able to check her phone. The school called it twice and sent a text, but Fiore's mom said she saw it nearly an hour and a half later. 

"It feels like everything inside you is dying and you have no control," Fiore's mother Rachel Houle said. 

Houle wishes the school tried to call other emergency contacts she gave them. Eyewitness News reached out to the school and superintendent, Steven Rioux said he's trying to very they have them. 

Houle insists more should have been done. 

"The police were not notified of a child running through a public parking lot, park, and he could have gone into oncoming traffic," Houle said. 

Even though the ordeal that ended safely lasted just minutes, Houle said she knows how tragic things could have been if Fiore made it out to the busy Hartford Pike. 

"I get that he was found safe and that's great, but what if he wasn't," Houle said. "That's why I can't sleep at night."

Houle is looking for better supervision during recess and she's requesting a meeting with school officials and the school board. The superintendent said the 5-inch gap that sprung Fiore from the playground has been filled. 

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