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Local man reflects on North Korea tensions

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Master Chang Yu explains life in North Korea. (WFSB) Master Chang Yu explains life in North Korea. (WFSB)

The United States has been keeping a close eye over North Korea after the country launched several ballistic missile tests in recent months with the latest on Wednesday.

Channel 3 spoke with a man born in North Korea whose life could have turned out very differently.

Master Chang Yu is the owner of Yu Martial Arts Teaching Taekwondo and Judo for 41 years in Connecticut and along the way he’s also been teaching about his home country.

Yu has been teaching students such as Robert Brown for decades.

“I think athletic competition is a good way, goes a long way,” Brown said.

Yu, who is a black belt, is also a proud parent of three children who all graduated from Simsbury.

“The accomplishment of my family. I hope after I retire I should have more better life to live,” Yu said.

It’s a life master Yu doesn’t take for granted considering he was born in North Korea.

“At that time, I was a one-year-old when they moved to South Korea,” Yu said. “I think they were looking for a better life.”

Master Yu’s family left North Korea before the Korean War. He would then go on to continue chasing his parent’s dreams of opportunity with a green card to the United States in the 1970s.

“My parents made a good decision so I could come to the United States and a better life,” Yu said.

This year, Kim Jong Un’s Regime has launched multiple ballistic missile tests with claims of being able to touch down on American soil.

“I hope things resolve peacefully but I don’t know about him much,” Yu said. “Why he does it that way.” 

Recently, a North Korean made his escape to South Korea by dashing through the Korean DMZ, the most militarized zone on earth, being shot five times.

“I think he is recovering now,” Yu said. “I hope he gets better life in the future in South Korea.”

Master Yu said he hopes eventually all of North Korea will be liberated.

“I don’t know why divided,” Yu said. “I’m not sure, but should be some day one country. I hope!”

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