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Security guard speaks out about controversial speaker at Uconn

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Lucian Wintrich was arrested following a speech at UConn last week (WFSB) Lucian Wintrich was arrested following a speech at UConn last week (WFSB)

The controversy continues over a conservative speaker who was invited to UConn last week.

The speaker was arrested after police said he violently grabbed a woman that took his script off the podium.

Now, a security guard who was working that night is speaking out after he has been pulled into the fray.

He's a retired special education teacher that works security when he can, but he's also passionate about politics and social justice.

Now 62-year-old Mark Loomis said his words have become misconstrued on social media.

Loomis was in Schenker Hall last Tuesday night working security when the chaos started.

"Really looked to me like he was trying to get people as angry as he could,” Loomis said.

Lucian Wintrich, a 29-year-old commentator and correspondent for the Gateway Pundit, a right-wing media outlet, was invited by the UConn Young Republican's to make his speech "It's OK To Be White” on campus.

Wintrich was arrested after police said he grabbed a woman who took his speech off the podium.

"I was completely reassured before this speech that nothing like this would happen. They said listen we are not going to let this get out of control,” Wintrich said.

Wintrich later pointed out Loomis on social media saying  "this is one of the security officials hired to protect me at UConn. Maybe this explains why members of the angry mob were allowed to rush to podium and steal my property."

Loomis says he works for Contemporary Services Corporation, which provides additional security at UConn for some events. 

His post on Facebook before Wintrich’s speech said "got a last minute call asking for help on security detail at UConn tonight. Turns out it's for a speech by Lucian B. Wintrich. Me? Protect him??? Should be interesting.”

Loomis said Wintrich misconstrued his words and now he's catching flak for it.

"Me protect him, that's going to be interesting. And the reason it's interesting and the reason I said that is because of the irony of the situation. You know here I am someone who holds in such high esteem these figures that are the polar opposite of him. And what was completely not understood about Mr. Wintrich about that comment is I was prepared to put myself in harm’s way if need be to defend him at that meeting,” Loomis said

Loomis says while he doesn't agree with what Wintrich was saying that night, it had no effect on him providing security.

"I feel like the UConn police did an amazing job and my colleagues and myself we all did what we possibly could to keep him safe and we succeeded,” Loomis said.

Wintrich is expected to be back in Connecticut next Monday for court.

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