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92-year-old woman recovering after dog attack

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An elderly woman is recovering after being attacked by a dog on Hillside Road in New London (WFSB) An elderly woman is recovering after being attacked by a dog on Hillside Road in New London (WFSB)

Neighbors in New London said an elderly woman and her pet dog are recovering after brutally being attacked in their yard by a dog.

Hillside Road is a quiet neighborhood with plenty of dog lovers who walk their pets.  

Just before 7 a.m. on Sunday, neighbors said they heard yelling and commotion on the lawn from their 92-year-old neighbor who was bitten by a dog.

“Most dog owners are very good about walking their dogs and keeping them under control and most dogs are controllable,” said Everett Munro, who knows the woman who was attacked.

The woman was taken to the hospital for treatment, and her dog was taken to the veterinarian.

New London Police said the offending dog was an 8-year-old male pit bull terrier who escaped from its owner while out for a leashed walk.

The owner, identified as Paul Morneau, was not home.

The animal in question is in quarantine in a plexiglass enclosure so as not to have any contact with people or other animals.

Channel 3 learned the dog’s name is Tungsten and is licensed and up to date with vaccinations, including rabies until 202.

In New London, the leash law says your dog must be controlled.

The dog must be leashed in city parks and playgrounds otherwise violators will pay a $75 fine.

If your dog is not controlled and runs away while walking off leash, the fine for a roaming dog is $92.

Dog walkers are shocked to hear about the unprovoked attack, but say you always need to keep your leashed pet close when around other animals.

“When I have them on the sidewalk I keep them short-leashed. It’s safer for them,” said Todd Ledbetter, of New London.

“They should be on leashes. They shouldn’t be wandering at all. It’s not right for someone to get attacked by something,” said Mark Gallerani, of New London.

Police said the case remains under investigation and the offending dog owner could face charges.

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