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Delivery drivers raise concerns about overtime

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UPS delivery drivers are raising concerns about overtime (WFSB) UPS delivery drivers are raising concerns about overtime (WFSB)

With all the holiday shopping and online ordering, UPS drivers deliver 30 million packages every day, but some drivers say the demands are too much.

The company says they hire an additional 95,000 people to work in facilities and assist drivers during this period, but union workers say it isn't enough and they are being asked to work not just long but intensive hours.

Between Thanksgiving and Dec. 31, UPS expects to deliver 750 million packages. That's up 5 percent from the same period last year.

"We're protesting that because we don't think it's safe we don't think our drivers are working safely if they are out there working 12 hours a day it's a problem,” said Dave Lucas.

There is a provision in union workers contracts that allows UPS to schedule extra work days during this period.

"We feel that that rule is made more for over the road drivers, not a package guy that is on the street for 12 hours a day sometimes more,” Lucas said.

The regional union for UPS service providers, Teamsters, sent out a statement saying UPS fails to plan ahead in hiring seasonal drivers and instead increases hours to compensate.

It read in part "while the union and our members realize this is an extremely busy time of year, we also realize that ups is again putting profits ahead of the people."

UPS responded saying in part "our employees' scheduled work week is in compliance with the department of transportation requirements."

There are two mandated federal regulations concerning working hours.

One is 60 hours worked in 7 days, the other is 70 hours worked in 8 days.

Union employees are paid time-and-one-half for work above 40 hours per week.

But Lucas, who worked about 20 years himself for UPS, said delivering packages is different than just driving.

"We're concerned for the safety of these people that are on the road all day long and working long hours,” Lucas said.

Teamsters have threatened legal action if UPS does not stop the 70-hour work week.

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