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Man accused by family in mother's disappearance responds to lawsuit

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Nathan Carman during a previous probate court appearance. (WFSB file) Nathan Carman during a previous probate court appearance. (WFSB file)

Nathan Carman is the man whose mother disappeared while the two were on a fishing trip last year. She’s presumed dead.

His aunts filed a lawsuit earlier this year hoping to block Carman from receiving any inheritance.

On Wednesday, Carman's attorney filed a response.

The lawsuit filed by Carman's aunts said he killed his grandfather and then had a role in his mother's disappearance. Her death was a way to collect millions of dollars in inheritance, their lawsuit states.

The response denies those specific allegations but also refuses to either admit or deny many other statements.

Windsor police have been looking into Carman since his grandfather John Chakalos was murdered in his home in Windsor in 2013.

They never charged Carman in the case but Carman's aunts believe he is responsible and therefore should not be entitled to an inheritance.

Their lawsuit filed in July says Carman argued with his grandfather about money prior to his death, and that Carman purchased a semi-automatic rifle of the same caliber used to shoot his grandfather.

The response from Carman's lawyers "denies" they argued and says he doesn't have the information to draw conclusions about the gun.

Carman stands to inherit millions after his mother Linda disappeared last September.

The two had been on a fishing trip when their boat sank.

Nathan Carman was rescued in a life raft at sea by a cargo ship.

Linda Carman was never found.

The lawsuit claims Nathan put on a life vest, got in the life boat with a bag of provisions and left his mom behind. 

His lawyers wrote, "The respondent denies that he deployed the life raft, but admits that at some point his provisions made it to the life raft."

The suit also claims, "Prior to leaving shore, Nathan removed the trim tabs from the boat, which left patched holes that made the boat more dangerous and easier to sink." 

In the response, he admits he moved the tabs but denies the rest.

The lawyers also make a motion to dismiss.

The case was filed in New Hampshire where the grandfather owned a home but Carman's lawyers argue he wasn't a resident so the case is out of their jurisdiction.

The Chakalos family issued a statement saying “John Chakalos was a long time resident of Chesterfield, New Hampshire, and a well-known, active member of the community. He loved the home that he and his wife Rita had built and which they shared with the surrounding community every Christmas. John Chakalos gave generously and consistently for many decades to the local library and police and fire departments, as well as charities that cared for New Hampshire families in need. Throughout his life, John remained an active contributor to the St. George Greek Orthodox Church where he was raised. The groundless claims and denials contained in Nathan Carman’s response filing do not reflect reality, and we are confident the legal process will recognize this.”

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