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Roads reopen in Plainville following train derailment

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A train derailment closed Route 10 in Plainville on Friday. (WFSB) A train derailment closed Route 10 in Plainville on Friday. (WFSB)

A train went off the tracks in the center of Plainville early Friday morning. 

The train blocked Route 10 and East Main Street.  However, the scene has since cleared.

See photos of the scene here.

Plainville police called Channel 3 to report the problem.

"It took me a while to even get onto my street, there was so much traffic," said Kenneth Beauchene of Plainville.

Beauchene said it typically only takes him a few minutes to get to work. Friday, it was a much different story.

"I had to go all the way down to Crooked Street, cross over, come up this street, New Britain Avenue, take a right, go into Walgreens parking lot and come across here," he explained.

It was because Route 10 was closed between Woodford and New Britain avenues and Route 372 was closed between Pine Street and New Britain Avenue.

All roads reopened later in the morning.

According to police, the engine and several cars were reported to be off the tracks. The train was carrying liquified petroleum gas.

It happened around 2:30 a.m. Live pictures were streamed on the Channel 3 Facebook page.

"I've been getting phone calls everyone is going to be late, because they have to go around," Beauchene said.

Police said two engines and two cars came off of the tracks with a crew on board.

They said nothing spilled and there were no injuries. 

There was little concern that the cars would actually tip over, police said.

"They're bringing in a locomotive from the other way so they can haul the cars back off," said Lt. Eric Peterson, Plainville police.

Peterson told Channel 3 that the the incident was an accident and that the trains typically move through the town very slowly.

He said they were able to get help from Amtrak to get the train out of the way and reopen the roads.

Everything was back open around 9:30 a.m.

Channel 3 reached out to Pan Am Railways for a comment, but has not heard back.

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