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CT shops busy preparing snow tires for drivers

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Car experts explained how to be prepared for wicked weather. (WFSB) Car experts explained how to be prepared for wicked weather. (WFSB)

With snow in the forecast this weekend, people were scrambling to make sure they've gone through their last-minute snow preparedness checklist.

If anyone is driving in Connecticut with snow on the ground, good tires are a must.

Channel 3 visits a local tire shop where they were busy on Friday. People coming into Modern Tire And Auto Service to make sure they are ready for this snow storm.

“First snow storm yea everybody comes in and wants to get it done right then and there,” Joseph Fiumara with Modern Tire and Auto Service said. “And we try to accommodate everybody, but yea this is going to be one of our busiest days.”

It was a busy day at Modern Tire and Auto Service in Rocky Hill.

"Getting snow tires because the snow is coming Saturday so just trying to be prepared,” Liz Cappella, who purchasing snow tires, said.

Experts said the first step is assessing your tires.

"This is actually at two thirty seconds, the legal limit of a tire,” Fiumara said. “You can see it's right at that bar and right here is actually lower so this tire is actually below the legal limit."  

People also need to pay attention to how much air is in their tires.

"Every ten degrees that it goes down outside a tire will lose some air so you want to make sure it's right at the manufacturer level,” Fiumara said.

Fiumara explained the difference between all-season and snow tires?

"You know it's almost like sneakers, you wouldn't wear sneakers in the snow you would want to go through and wear boots same thing with a car,” Fiumara said. “Winter tires get you through everything."

Bottom line is even if you have front or all-wheel drive, Fiumara said without traction you will slide.

"You want to have a soft compound they stop a lot better."

Some shops will give drivers a free assessment. Tires can range from $80 to more than $100, but it could save you money in the long run.

"You did that in a couple seconds, how many of these you been doing a day? Oh we've been busy all day,” Fiumara said. “We've just been moving along, you know the snows coming and we're just getting everybody ready for the winter."

It's not just tires you've got to worry about in this snowy weather you also have to make sure that your battery is charged up and fluids are up to date.  

Most local automotive shops will remain this weekend to help drivers with their needs.

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