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Winter Storm Ali

As snow winds down overnight, roads will be slick

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Snow caused slick conditions across the state on Saturday evening (WFSB) Snow caused slick conditions across the state on Saturday evening (WFSB)

The roads are still slick as Winter Storm Ali is winding down overnight.

The steady snow will come to an end after midnight, leaving behind lingering flurries, snow showers, and a mess to clean up in the morning.

The flakes began to fly on Saturday morning, but the snow didn't really start accumulating outside until about a little before noon.

As far as snowfall totals go, Meteorologist Mike Cameron said eastern Connecticut was likely the favored area for the most snow.

About 4 to 8 inches was expected across most of the state as Saturday went on.

The snow kept at a steady pace as the afternoon/evening went on, with about 5 inches in New Canaan, 4.9 in Newtown, 2 inches in Litchfield and about 1.3 inches in Ledyard as of about 6 p.m.

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As of about 10:30 p.m., 6 inches of snow had fallen in Danbury and Staffordville, 5.5 inches fell in Torrington, 6.5 inches fell in Hebron and New Canaan, and 6.8 inches fell in Union.?

"As of 5:00 this afternoon, snow was falling at a light to moderate clip across much of the state.  The visibility has been reduced to 0.50 miles at Bradley International Airport," said Chief Meteorologist Bruce DePrest.

Roads were getting slicker as the evening went on, with temperatures dropping and snow continuing to fall.

"A layer of ice is forming under the snow. So, please be careful on any surface that has not been treated. I am talking about your steps, porch, deck, driveway, sidewalk, parking lots, as well as the roads," DePrest said.

According to Connecticut State Police, troopers have responded to about 220 crashes, 19 with minor injuries. Troopers have also responded to 124 assists, like spin-outs and disabled motor vehicles.

Snow will continue throughout the evening hours, and then taper off into flurries and snow showers after midnight.

"Over the next two to three hours, they will continue to dissipate to more spotty snow showers and flurries. Additional accumulations will likely stay under an inch in most areas," Cameron said on Saturday night.

Temperatures will be in the 20s overnight.

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Winter Storm Ali also caused cancellations and parking bans for Saturday, and is even impacting church services and other events for Sunday morning.

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On Friday, Channel 3 named its first snowstorm of the season as Winter Storm Ali will hit the state this weekend.                                                  

Channel 3 has a long-standing tradition of naming the winter storms that impact Connecticut. This season, the names come directly from the people who have to stand in them, Channel 3's reporters.

Meteorologist Mark Dixon said the tradition is unique to the station and actually dates back to the days of the Travelers Weather Service.

"It’s a tradition that started in 1971, that our station is proud to carry on today," Dixon said.

In the past, themes for Channel 3's storm names have included former first ladies and notable sports figures with Connecticut ties.

"For this season, we had our team of reporters, since they’re the ones having to be live from the field, in the storms, provide two names each for a letter of the alphabet and then let our viewers vote," Dixon said.

Channel 3's Susan Raff was the first of 10 reporters and was assigned the letter "A." More than 3,000 voted and picked Ali over Abi. Raff explained why she picked Ali.

"I liked it because it is short and sweet," she said and added her grandfather was also named Ali. 

To see more about the snowstorm names, click here. 

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