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Workers, drivers take precautions to battle the cold

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Those who work outside were taking precautions to stay warm in the bitter cold (WFSB) Those who work outside were taking precautions to stay warm in the bitter cold (WFSB)

Baby its cold outside, and the wind will make it feel colder Wednesday night.

The winter freeze is a problem for motorists and a hassle for contractors and others who have to work outside.

Whether you’re a utility worker or a contractor, you have to know how to dress for work because like Bob Dyer and his crew, you’re working outside and its freezing cold.

“It’s bad but not too bad. Several layers and, you know, a pair of shoes to keep your feet warm,” Dyer said.

At True Value Hardware in Flanders, keeping warm you work from the top down.

“I’m just restocking now because we were nearly out with the last storm,” said Christy Tohen, of True Value.

She said contractors like to buy lined pants and thermal gloves, and there are flexible devices called “stabilizers” that people wear over the bottom of their boots.

“So, stabilizers have little metal points on the bottom and they stretch over your shoes and come in multiple sizes and it’s great when its icy out,” Tohen said.

When its icy out, the deep cold plays havoc on your vehicle's battery, making it difficult to start.

“You have a battery that gets older 3-4 years the batteries really start to drain and the cold weather takes a toll on them,” said mechanic Josh Prevost.

The Connecticut motor club AAA said they received 100 service calls an hour Wednesday morning to help start cars.

They advise checking your older battery and garage your vehicle.

Also, don’t forget to check your windshield washer fluid. When you get a product make sure it’s good for the cold. It should be good for -20 degrees.

While you’re at it, replace your windshield wipers every six months because ice destroys them, and ice will also destroy your engine if you don’t have the proper antifreeze keeping it cool.

On Wednesday night, crews in New Haven were gearing up for a busy morning commute, as snow is on the way for Thursday morning.

The city of New Haven plans to cover all its 22 snow plow routes with snow removal salt and sand.

Chanelle Turner is an EMT and will have to drive during the morning rush to get to work.

“Take your time if you need to. If it’s going to take you an extra 10 minutes then take that extra 10 minutes,” Turner said.

Elissa Cast says she warms up in her car quite a bit. She’s a visiting nurse and will be on the road all day on Thursday.

“The people are home. They just want us to go there and take care of them. They want us to get there so we’ll get there. Take our time be careful,” Cast said.??

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