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Experts offer tips to prevent frozen pipes

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Now is the time of year to protect pipes against freezing (WFSB) Now is the time of year to protect pipes against freezing (WFSB)

As the temperatures continue to drop, experts are reminding people to be mindful of your plumbing.

It may not be a problem for modern houses, but for some older ones you need to take precautions.

“Typically, during these cold events it’s very important to keep all the thermostats up above where they normally would be,” said Charles Appleby, a licensed plumber.

He said it doesn’t take long for exposed pipes, like those on the outside walls of a house that aren’t well insulated to freeze. Copper or plastic pipes will then split.

“There’s nothing wrong with using extra insulation over all your pipes to keep the warmth of the home to keep those pipes warm,” Appleby said.

For homeowners, there are a few things you can do to prevent the pipes from freezing, like turning on the tap.  

If the pipe is on an outside wall and you’re in a kitchen area, open up the cabinets that will let the heat in.

Also, homeowners should keep the house heat on the same temperature and don’t lower it. Also, insulate your pipes and problem pipes you should have the faucets dripping. Flowing water out of the tap helps prevent the pipes from freezing.

There are plenty of products available at the hardware store too. Besides inexpensive pipe insulation, there is also electrical tape wrap that acts like a warming blanket for your pipe.

If you’re watching a neighbor’s house, install an inexpensive thermal sensor. When the temperature in the house drops, a light on it goes off letting you know there is a problem.

“There’s nothing like having someone check your house every day during a cold event. Typically, a house can freeze up 24 to 36 hours,” Appleby said.

Experts said to take precautions now, because if you have a problem, you won’t know until things start to thaw out, and that will be more expensive.

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