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Bundle up before work or play in the bitter cold

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Doctors are reminding people to bundle up before working or playing outside in bitter cold temps. (WFSB) Doctors are reminding people to bundle up before working or playing outside in bitter cold temps. (WFSB)

As the temperatures plummet, you'll notice there's not a lot of people outside.

However, some have no choice, and with dangerous cold approaching, officials say the warnings need to be heeded more than ever.

It was surprising to see the amount of people at Winterfest in Hartford on Wednesday.

Granted, that was in the daylight, but it was still cold out, and as residents enter this long cold stretch, the reminders are going out to stay safe.

Rosemary Gatter-Evarts was ice skating on Wednesday and said even though the temperatures were below freezing, she said she didn’t feel it.

“When you're skating, you're warm because you're moving,” Gatter-Evarts said.

Her attire helped too.

“I also have a down jacket on, so that helps,” Gatter-Evarts said.

Everyone at Bushnell Park on Wednesday was bundled up as they laced up the skates for some rigorous activity on the ice.

However, at Bradley International Airport, there were many who were escaping the deep freeze.

Michelle Rumore, a Connecticut native, was going back home to Tampa after visiting family.

“I'm ready to leave,” Rumore said.

While she was out in the elements for a few minutes, workers at Bradley were in it for hours.

The people who check your bag curbside, load the planes, and walk the tarmac have no reprieve, and while it's part of the job, it can be dangerous. 

“Nose and ears can get frostbite as well. It's not just the fingers and toes,” said Dr. Steven Wolf, who is a doctor at Saint Francis.

He said when it gets to be this cold, it’s important to layer up.

“Keep the head covered, keep the body parts that would normally be exposed, like the face covered as much as possible,” Wolf said.

It goes without saying that layering is important, but experts say make sure your base isn't something cotton.

They say it's not the best for insulation, especially if it gets wet.

The cold didn’t deter Anthony Walker from going to Wethersfield Cove to see the seagulls on Wednesday.

“Well I love to feed birds I like to see the eagles down here and today because it’s so cold I figured I would give the seagulls some food. So, I’ve got some bread and I’ve actually got some sardines for them too,” Walker said.

While Walker enjoys helping the birds out when it’s cold, he said not everyone should feed the wildlife.

While taking in the natural beauty of winter, environmental police are reminding everyone to prepare before heading out.

“We encourage people to wear fluorescent orange clothing in areas that are known to be hunting especially in our state forests,” said Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Encon Police Colonel Kyle Overturf.

Whether hunting, hiking, or cross-country skiing, be aware of your surroundings.

“If you do get lost, stay where you are. Don’t go wandering around if you don’t know where you are. Hopefully you still have cell phone service, call 911 and follow the directions of the emergency dispatcher,” Overturf said.

If you are going near a body of water, Overturf said “if you’re going out on the ice we recommend wearing float coats. Know what the ice is even though it’s been cold. There could be springs, there could be places that the ice might not be as thick as you believe it could be.”

You can wear a float coat or ice picks around your neck as a precaution as well, but no matter where you are headed outdoors, “dress appropriately, proper footwear, hat, gloves. Nothing will spoil a day out in the woods more than cold feet.”

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