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Towns send out second wave of car tax bills

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State budget problems are creating higher tax bills.

While some towns sent out car tax bills late, others have recently sent out a second bill to make up for the state shortfall.

When the state budget finally passed at the end of October, cities and towns were nervous. They knew there would be budget cuts.

One town feeling the pinch is East Hartford, where they are looking for an additional $2 million in car taxes.

The town of East Hartford has just sent out supplemental car tax bills because they, like many towns, are getting less money from the state.

The town was expecting close to $4 million, but they are only getting $1.8, which is a shortfall of more than $2 million.

"This was a program rolled out two years ago. It looked to equalize the tax on a motor vehicle from one community to another, it was a great idea but its fallen on hard times, almost immediately out of the gate,” said East Hartford Finance Director Mike Walsh.

He said state lawmakers said they would reimburse towns with mill rates over 32, but have since run out of money.

Take a car with an assessed value of $10,000 -- an East Hartford taxpayer who would pay $320 just got charged an additional $70.

Towns like East Hartford said this year's budget crisis is particularly hard because they are now forced to make midyear corrections and changes, and they are not optimistic things will get better next year either.

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