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Propane companies working around the clock to meet demand

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On Wednesday, the Propane Gas Association of New England said propane companies have been working around the clock to make sure customers have heat.

Officials said there has been an overwhelming number of calls, especially during the extreme cold as customers are cranking their heat to keep warm.

“In the past two weeks, more than 300 record low temperatures have been recorded. In addition, we have seen: numerous records for the coldest high temperatures, the longest stretch of sub 20-degree high temperatures, and top 5 or top 10 longest periods below freezing,” officials from the association said.

Marcus Mann had 24 stops on his propane delivery route Wednesday. That's nearly 10 more than he does on an average day, and he'll be racking up miles on the Ellington propane truck.

“All over, from the shore to around Ellington and Vernon,” Mann said.

Winter Storm Brody combined with the extreme cold have homeowners across the state, checking their gauges and realizing a refill is needed earlier than usual.

“We've been busier than normal because of the storm coming up. We don't want anyone to run out of heat so we're starting early and ending late,” Mann said.

So many emergency calls have been coming in, the Association said customers have been greeted with busy signals, or phone lines being out of service.

“You can't call the company and say, 'I ran out.' It's hard for the company to do a same day delivery,” Mann said.

While same day deliveries can be done, customers are rolling the dice because they're competing with others who are just as cold.

This professional reminds customers to stay mindful in order to stay warm.

“Check your tanks frequently, once a week, give your tank a look to see where the gauge is at to give your company a heads up,” Mann said.

With snowfall less than 12 hours away, the last minute rush presses on and Mann says it'll continue into tomorrow too.

“We're going to try to deliver in the snow until it gets too bad on the roads,” Mann said.

Officials continue to say they are working to make sure deliveries of propane continue as “quickly, easily and safely as possible.”

"Officials are reminding customers to make sure a path is cleared from the road to help their propane tanks, and that app vents are cleared," the press release said. "Our goal is to ensure that everyone stays warm and safe. If you cannot reach your supplier by phone, check their website or Facebook page to determine if there are other ways to contact them."

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