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Resolution reunites two friends

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April Pastor and Mary Sargent. (WFSB) April Pastor and Mary Sargent. (WFSB)

The first Channel 3 Liberty Bank Surprise Squad mission of 2018 involved a resolution that reunited two old friends.

Mary Sargent and April Pastor said they go way back.

"We were friends since the early 90s and she was always so physically fit," Sargent said.

She said they worked together, went to the gym together and shared a lot of laughs.

However, they lost touch over the years.

The two were reunited at The Orchards at Southington, a senior living facility, where Pastor now works.

"We lost contact after our business school closed and I ran into her because my mother-in-law is here and it seems she lost her spirit and I said, 'Oh no no no, that's not going to happen,'" Sargent said.

Pastor told Sargent that she was recently diagnosed with non-hodgkin's lymphoma and is undergoing chemotherapy.

She also said she wished she could go back to the gym.

"So I said I think I'm going to contact WFSB and see if they'll grant a little surprise," Sargent said.

The Liberty Bank Surprise Squad found itself in Southington, planning a surprise for Pastor. 

At The Orchards, she was in the dining room serving some residents.

It learned that she'd be traveling from the kitchen to the dining room. The squad set up shop along that route.

It was clear it was just as much of a surprise for Pastor as it was for the residents.

"I'm surprised that everybody is here and people I see on TV every day," Pastor said.

The squad read Sargent's nomination before it revealed the surprise.

Pastor was given a year membership to the local YMCA.

The Southington YMCA graciously helped contribute to the squad's mission and Pastor's 2018 health journey.

It signed Pastor up for its Livestrong program.

It's a 12-week cancer recovery program that includes a certified trainer to help with a fitness routine and goals and a support group.

The Y also offered Pastor a 6 month membership on top of the 12 week program. The squad matched the remaining 6 months.

"I can't get over how surprised she was. and she held it together unlike me," Sargent said.

"This is a good start because one of my things for 2018 is to have a good year; because last year just was not a good year," Pastor said. "So, this will be a positive and good start, so thank you, everybody!"

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