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Winter Storm Clare

Preparations underway ahead of Tuesday's storm

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People are preparing for Tuesday's snow storm (WFSB) People are preparing for Tuesday's snow storm (WFSB)

Brody brought a lot of snow to Connecticut over a week ago, but now Winter Storm Clare is creeping in.

Business has been busy after Brody at the Scitico Equipment Repair Shop in Enfield.

“Been here for four years now and I’ve been doing this for 24 years so I’ve seen the good seasons and bad seasons. They've all been different.  This season that first storm we had we got slammed pretty good,” said Steve Jones, of Scitico Equipment Repair Shop.

Snowblowers and generators have been the main focus over the last several days.

"We had about 65 machines in here and we got most of them done. Right now, we're just picking up the leftovers and the people that broke them during the last big storm because people were burning up belts, people that didn't start them the carburetors were all gummed up,” Jones said.

The calls have been coming into the shop to get ready for Winter Storm Clare.

“Fire up your machine. Get it running and use at least mid-grade fuel, 89 octane, 93 is okay but 87 octane in smaller engines is not the way to go,” he said, adding that fuel stabilizer can also help. 

“Don't overburden it, if you got a heavy pile of snow at the end of your driveway put it in low gear and let the machine do the work otherwise you're going to have problems,” Jones said.

Safety should be your number one priority, if anything does get jammed up, Jones said don't risk losing a hand. Turn off the machine and use the proper tools to figure out the problem.

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