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Winter storm budgets take a hit with recent snowfalls

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Winter storm budgets in some towns are taking a hit with recent snowfalls (WFSB) Winter storm budgets in some towns are taking a hit with recent snowfalls (WFSB)

Another storm on the way means additional salt and overtime costs for local public works departments.

For many cities and towns, it’s been quickly adding up this winter.

It’s not just the snow. Take all that rain from last Friday, then it got cold and that caused for some icing.

Every time that happens, crews need to come out.

Plus, it happened on a weekend, meaning overtime.

"The guys are out pretty much every night now between thaw and refreeze, it’s been a handful,” said Hamden Public Works Director Craig Cesare.

On Tuesday, with Winter Storm Clare coming, he and his crew geared up for another night out on the road.

"This winter has been a lot of little storms, with the exception of the one we had a week or so ago, so we've been on the go, pretty much nonstop,” Cesare said.

Also, those little storms add up, meaning big bucks for their snow removal budgets.

"We spent about $240,000 in salt, which you see behind me, that's what's been budget for the entire year, so we'll have to see where we end up for the year. As far as snow overtime, we're really at the max now, this next storm later on tonight into tomorrow, will put us past what we originally allocated for the year,” Cesare said.

They've spent about $168,000 of the $175,000 that was budget for overtime.

After Clare, they'll have to go to the town's legislative council to request a transfer from the contingency funds.

It’s not just Hamden, a lot of towns are seeing their salt and overtime budget melt away.

Last week, Wallingford had to go to its town council asking for an $80,000 transfer so it could buy another 1,000 tons of salt, after already going through its $360,000 salt budget for the winter.

As for the crews back in Hamden, while the overtime budget is about to bust, at least this time the snow is arriving during the work week, and not a holiday or a weekend.

"That's been a major issue this year, even this past weekend, even though there wasn't a storm, there was a lot of water run-off from the mountain in town, that caused ice situations. We've had several call-ins and callbacks throughout the weekend, which was holidays. It seems to be hitting every single weekend,” Cesare said.

The Department of Public Works said if you can stay off the road on Wednesday that will greatly help the crews that will be out plowing and salting tonight.

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