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Surveillance video of CT fugitive's arrest released

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A Chevron Gas Station in Canton, GA released surveillance video of fugitive Jerry Mercado's arrest. (Chevron) A Chevron Gas Station in Canton, GA released surveillance video of fugitive Jerry Mercado's arrest. (Chevron)
Jerry Mercado was captured in Georgia (CT DOT/Cherokee Sheriff’s Office) Jerry Mercado was captured in Georgia (CT DOT/Cherokee Sheriff’s Office)

Police in Georgia released more details about how they captured an escaped inmate from Enfield.

Jerry Mercado, 25, had been on the run for two weeks before he was captured by the Canton, GA Police Department on Wednesday.

Thursday, the Chevron gas station where he was apprehended released video to Channel 3 of the arrest.

“Well he walked through the store yesterday around 7:30 a.m. and he came in with a book bag and I thought he was just another homeless person," said Jennifer Fernandez, the manager of Chevron gas station.

The manager of the gas station said he initially came in looking for a bathroom.

“He was all covered up, I mean you could only see like a bit portion of his face,” Fernandez said.

When he came out he asked if he could use the phone, but first “He asked me if the lines were interfered before he used the phone or if they were tapped and I just looked at him and I was like ‘I don’t know. I was like I don’t think so’,” Fernandez said.

By then it was about 9 a.m.

“I let him borrow the phone and he called his mom, but when he called his mom he forgot to dial private and I guess he noticed on the second time he called. And he didn’t call private so, he’s like ‘don’t answer the phone if someone calls and then he’s like if you do answer it tell them that they’re calling to hell. And then he’s like because I just told my mom that’,” Fernandez said.

Then she had a conversation with the criminal.

“When he hung up he asked me if any jobs were hiring and I told him about a couple of places around here. But he said ‘I need money now, I need at least $100 to leave.’ I told him well I don’t know you can stand here and see if somebody will come pick you up and get a job. But he said I don’t have an ID, I don’t have a social security or a birth certificate’,” Fernandez said.

Mercado went back outside and the phone rang.

“Somebody ended up calling me back which was his mom and asked where she was calling to. And I told her “Chevron” so I think her line was interfered and they googled the number so that’s how he found out he was here at the store,” Fernandez said.

Local police were quickly sent to the station to scope out a possible suspect.

“The officers came in and they didn’t notice when they came in that he was sitting in those back chairs. So they skipped him, came inside, looked at the video and he walked outside the store while they were in here,” Fernandez said.

Mercado snuck out the door as police looked at the surveillance.

“Not really smart because he stayed here after they had already warned us about him. He saw when the police came in and were telling us that he was wanted but still decided to hang around the store,” Fernandez said.

Police told Fernandez that Mercado was a wanted fugitive.

“After they left I was walking towards my car and I noticed he was standing right outside the door in the corner, so I ended up calling 911,” Fernandez said.

Mercado went back inside to use the phone, and in less than five minutes the police came back. 

His tattoos on his cheek and the one on his neck reading “time waits for no one” confirming their capture.

Canton police said they were contacted by Connecticut State Police who informed them that Mercado was in their jurisdiction.

State police said they confirmed that the fugitive made a phone call on Wednesday morning from the Chevron gas station.

Canton police said they were able to figure out that Mercado stayed at a church the night before. A person at Action Church also told police that the man was expected to return later in the day.

Mercado was taken into custody at the gas station without incident.

The Connecticut Department of Correction reported that Mercado escaped from the Carl Robinson Correctional Institute on Jan. 7.

It believed that he stowed away under a garbage truck or a state vehicle.

U.S. marshals said Mercado is still being held down in Georgia and unless they are asked they expect that the Connecticut State Police will go grab him to bring him back up to Northern, which is a maximum-security prison.

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