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How the government shutdown might affect your tax return

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When the government officially ran out of money for the fiscal year, many facets of government had to shut down -- that includes the IRS.

Even while the IRS is shut down, some essential services will continue to operate. Any activity supported by funding that doesn't expire at the end of the fiscal year continues to function as well as anything deemed necessary -- like protecting government property or safeguarding human life.

Unfortunately, that doesn't include your tax return.

As long as the government is shut down, no tax returns will be issued and any extended shutdown could delay your tax return. Automated services are still up and running, so you can still file your return online.

Forbes reports a list of relevant IRS services that will be put on hold during the shutdown:

  • No tax refunds issued
  • No processing of non-disaster relief transcripts
  • No processing of forms 1040X, amended returns
  • No non-automated collections
  • No audit or examinations (some exceptions apply)
  • No whistleblower office activity

And here's a list of services that will continue to operate even during the shutdown:

  • Processing of returns with payments
  • E-filing
  • Mailing tax forms
  • Appeals (statutory deadlines will not be changed)
  • Call centers (only during filing season)
  • Civil and criminal tax cases
  • Certain communications to taxpayers
  • Active criminal investigations