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Woman says apartment complex issues are a health hazard

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A woman in Willimantic says issues with her apartment complex are impacting her health (WFSB) A woman in Willimantic says issues with her apartment complex are impacting her health (WFSB)

Residents in an apartment complex in Willimantic say they’ve had continuous water issues and that it's becoming a hazard to their health.

Right at the front door entrance where an elderly woman lives, is a huge puddle. She said it’s a problem that has been going on since she started living at the Oakridge Apartments on Roanoak Avenue.

Gladys Beltran said she has lived at the apartment complex for about a year, but has lived in Willimantic for 30 years.

"In one year that I live here they lately don't accept a complaint from anybody, sometimes when people give a complaint they ignore it,” Beltran said.

Her daughter came to see what all the fuss was about.

"I drove all the way from Delaware over here to see for myself what the heck the problem was and I am just outraged,” said Daisy Osuba.

Beltran said water problems started as soon as she moved in.

“She said the ceiling in the bathroom was leaking when she first moved in, and my mom nearly slipped and fell. And it was so bad that my mom had to keep emptying buckets of it,” Osuba said.

She said it took a few weeks to get the roof fixed but the damage can still be seen indoors.

"She got sick and in this last storm she couldn't get out,” Osuba said.

"I am very sick in the house and I had to call the ambulance and they couldn't come inside,” Beltran said.

During the last big snow storm, Beltran said she had to call an ambulance but they couldn't get in the front door with a gurney because the snow hadn't been cleaned up in the same spot where the water puddles.

“It took them probably like four days before they came to do somewhat of a cleaning in this place and she was stuck upstairs, she uses a cane,” Osuba said.

She added that the property manager isn’t listening.

“She's not willing to respond, or take any action to any of the complaints my mom has about the apartment,” Osuba said.

Recently, Willimantic code enforcement said they've had issues with another tenant and mentioned the puddling and snow issues with plowing the property.

They were in contact with the property manager named Sarai Valladares or Ortiz.

The woman who claimed she was the property manager ignored Channel 3.

Beltran says she is ready to leave.

“I don't want to live here anymore even if they told me it was a free apartment,” Beltran said.

Willimantic code enforcement is supposed to go on Thursday for a reinspection of the same building.

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