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1.30.18 Aztec Lasagna

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Arcadia's Kitchen The Aztec Lasagna

Recipe provided by:  Arcadia's Kitchen Executive Chef, Luis Somoza

Cooking Time: 35 minutes-Serves 4-6 - Pre-heat oven at 450 F


                1 16 Oz Arcadia's Kitchen Salsa Verde or 1 16 Oz Salsa Diabla

                3-4 Cups (2 lbs raw) of shredded chicken that has been boiled with 2 quartered onions, 4 bay leaves, salt and water for 30 minutes. A plain rotisserie chicken, skinned and de-boned would also work 

                2 Medium size onions, thinly sliced in halves

                1 1/2 Cups of plain goat cheese *Other options: Blend of Mozarella/Ricotta

                1 Cup of chicken or vegetable stock

                18 Corn tortillas, trimmed into squares (Do not use flour tortillas, it would turn into a soggy mess)

                2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil

                8" x 12" deep baking dish

                Aluminum foil

                Pastry brush


Step 1: Shredded chicken, you need about 4 cups. Save the stock, strain it and boil it until condensed, it will be very flavorful and good for other recipes. (you can boil your own chicken or use a rotisserie chicken from the store)

Step 2: Trim the corn tortillas into squares, combine the salsa with the stock and prepare to assemble the Budin/Lasagna,

Step 3: Oil the bottom of the baking dish, lay some of the onions and start layering the corn tortillas on top of it (onions will keep the tortillas from sticking to the bottom of the dish)

Step 4: Top the first layer of tortillas with onions, chicken, goat cheese and some of the sauce and begin the second layer of tortillas.

Step: 5: Repeat the process with onions, chicken, goat cheese, sauce and another layer of tortillas to form 2 layers

Step 6: Using a pastry brush, spread the remaining olive oil on your top and final layer of tortillas, some onions, and remaining salsa.

Step 7: Cover the dish with foil, make a little cut in the center as a vent, bake at 450 F for 35 m, remove from the oven and let it cool enough before cutting and serving.