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CT Lawmakers react to Trump's potential release of FBI memo

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Following news that the president nears a decision to release a controversial Republican FBI memo, Connecticut lawmakers are voicing their concerns.

A spokesperson for the White House said President Donald Trump is close to deciding on whether or not to halt the House intelligence committee from releasing the classified memo.

The memo alleges misconduct by the FBI in its investigation into potential ties between Trump's 2016 presidential campaign and Russia.

The panel voted along party lines to release it. If Trump doesn't object, Congress can do so.

Rep. John Larson, who represents Connecticut's 1st District, said he reviewed the memo.

“I am increasingly concerned about the undermining of our intelligence community and law enforcement agencies by the majority party." Larson said. "The Federal Bureau of Investigation was not allowed to testify to the HPSCI and the minority was not allowed to release their own counter memo. Recently, the FBI and DOJ have further warned of the memo’s inaccuracies and have asked that the claims in the memo be addressed directly to the intelligence community rather than being made public."

Larson quoted a letter to committee chair Devin Nunes from Stephen Boyd of Trump's own Department of Justice in which Nunes was warned about the implications and damaging consequences of such a release.

"'Given HPSCI’s important role in overseeing the nation’s intelligence community, you well understand the damaging impact that the release of classified material could have on our national security and our ability to share and receive sensitive information from friendly foreign governments,'" Larson quoted. "I urge the president to heed the calls of his intelligence community and not give credit to a memo that seeks to further a partisan agenda rather than get to the truth."

Rep. Joe Courtney of Connecticut's 2nd District called the potential release reprehensible and dangerous.

"I know firsthand that the men and women of the FBI are honorable public servants who have taken an oath to uphold the law and the Constitution of the United States," Courtney said.

Courtney said his parents were FBI employees.

“The attacks against the FBI are being made for purely political reasons and to distract from the ongoing Russia investigation," he said. "The fact the House Republicans and White House are preparing to release a purposefully misleading document based on classified information – despite the protests of Trump’s own handpicked Deputy Attorney General and FBI Director who have said they have 'grave concerns' about compromising sources – is the height of irresponsibility.” 

Republicans said the memo was written as part of an effort to reveal what they said were surveillance abuses by the FBI and Justice Department during the early stages of the Russia investigation.

However, the FBI on Wednesday said it was concerned about the memo's accuracy.

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