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Wings a hot commodity as big game weekend approaches

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Several wings joints across the state reported heavy orders ahead of Sunday's big game. (WFSB) Several wings joints across the state reported heavy orders ahead of Sunday's big game. (WFSB)

As the New England Patriots are set to take on the Philadelphia Eagles in Sunday's big games, several chicken wing joints said they're ready for kick off.

Sliders Grill and Bar in Southington said it has been stocking up and expects to go through at least 3,000 wings already.

"It's been busy our phones have been ringing off the hook non-stop," said Kyle Fournier, Sliders manager. "So we're just getting prepared as best as possible." 

The wing extraordinaires showed Channel 3 how they're made.

"We're just going through the process of our wings cooking, dropping wings, getting it setup, saucing. Just the whole shabang," Fournier said.

They started filling the orders on Friday.

They said the trick is evening out the drums and the wings.

"You would be surprised how many people like their wings compared to drums or their drums compared to wings," Fournier said. "They're very specific."

Then, it's over the the fryelator. Depending on how the customer wants them cooked, they're done between 10 and 30 minutes.

"Twenty-five sauces. I would say that or more," Fournier said when asked about the flavors. "I think we're close to thirty now and we just actually had a competition with the owners to start new sauces. So we'll have four new sauces with the new menu coming up."

The exact recipe is top secret.

"We have 200, maybe 300 orders," Fournier said. "It's time consuming. I've just been growing up all the lists of blue cheese, ranch, the type of sauces we got and we just pre-prep."

However, at least one place in Connecticut has already thrown down a flag on the play.

J. Timothy's Taverne in Plainville said it is fully booked for both Saturday and Sunday.

"[It's the] earliest we've ever been fully booked," the taverne posted. "Wow. Won't have final numbers til Sunday night, but approximately 11.5 tons (23,000 pounds)."

A followup post apologized to customers.

"Fully booked for take out on both Saturday & Sunday!" the post read. "Sorry, no more orders for Super Bowl. Thank you!"

The business said this marks the third year in a row that it sold out.

According to the National Chicken Council, fans will eat 1.35 billion chicken wings over the weekend. That's 20 million more wings than in 2017.

If fans filled every NFL stadium to capacity, each fan would get 625 wings. That's enough to circle the earth three times.

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