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New London police look at adding cameras to cut crime

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New London police are looking to add more cameras across the city in an effort to cut crime.

Police are calling it smart technology, and they say it's designed to keep offenders on their toes.

“Technology or "smart policing" is not new to law enforcement. It's just a matter or means to be more efficient and deliver higher, greater services to the public,” said New London Police Capt. Brian Wright.

New London currently has an anonymous tip line that helps police solve crimes.

Now they're moving towards a camera-based technology, like New York City and more recently, Hartford.

New London police are looking to add more cameras in what they call hot spot areas.

“The goal is to supply the frontline officers with the resources they need,” Wright said.

In Hartford, officers use a "Real-Time Crime Center" equipped with cameras to analyze anything from theft to potential threats.

Hartford paid for the center with grants and asset forfeiture money. New London may have to do something similar.

“Given current budget constrictions and restraints, it would ideally be something we would have to generate grants and look at some other areas,” Wright said.

New London police said while they intend to look to cities like Hartford as an example, their smart technology will be tailored specifically to this city.

“While we progress, we're still at an infancy stage,” Wright said.

Residents say they can understand why police would want more cameras in the city.

“If the crime is of such then to justify the cost, then sure,” said William Owens.

“Don't really in general like the idea of a big brother watching everything but in a downtown area which is being hit by the opioid addiction problems. It could be a deterrent,” said Jane Clukay.

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