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AAA, DOT officials offer tips for driving in wintry weather

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Of course, one of the biggest challenges in the winter is driving in the snowy and icy weather.

Even the most experienced New England driver can run into problems driving in ice and snow.

According to AAA and the Connecticut Department of Transportation, the most problem driver is not necessarily the inexperienced kid, but rather the experienced driver who thinks they’ve been driving in it all their lives, and they know exactly what to do.

They said complacency is your worst enemy in this weather.

A driving instructor for AAA offered up some tips on how to avoid spinning out or crashing.

“If you go too fast and start to turn the wheel too fast, you can notice a loss of traction and the car can skid,” said Bill Cox, a driving instructor for AAA.

Cox has been a driving instructor with AAA for 30 years.

He knows that in icy conditions making the wrong move can be a deadly choice. He said while driving on ice, breaking hard is wrong, but just slowing down is better.

“Start forward then try to brake here some and the key is to slow it down. Go through, slow that did swerve that time actually,” Cox said.

Kevin Nursick, of the Department of Transportation, said one of the things that may help in tomorrow’s storm is the timing.

People will already be at work while it snows, so they won’t be surprised by it during the afternoon commute.

“When they get out of work, start up their cars, snow in the parking lot and on the ground, they’re going to be in that driving mindset psychologically as opposed to having it happen while they are in the middle of the drive at 5 p.m. I know it’s kind of weird way of looking at it, but there is a psychological aspect to snowstorms,” Nursick said.

Drivers need to remember to mentally prepare to take it slow and allow time.

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