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Icy conditions make for busy day at auto shops

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Drivers had to deal with some slick spots on the roads Thursday morning.

Dangerous conditions were reported throughout the interior portions of the state.

“[It] refroze quick," said Fred Matias of Meriden. "Refroze real quick.”

The Early Warning Weather Tracker headed to Waterbury, where it's notoriously hilly, Meriden and Southington and spotted a number of parked vehicles totally covered in a glaze of ice.

"Warm it up for a little while," advised Tyler Rook of Victor Auto.

Wednesday's wintry mix was to blame.

It left a sheet of ice and anything that melted afterward froze again overnight.

Employees at Victor Auto in Middletown said during this time of year, they fix a lot of broken handles from people trying to open frozen doors.

Rook recommended wiping down the door the night before so there's no moisture that can freeze.

Drivers were forced to break out their ice scrapers and allow extra travel time.

"Just take it really easy," suggested Eric Guerette of Manchester. "Slow down give a lot more distance between you and the driver in front of you."

Rook expected a lot of business.

"[Thursday] should be a busy day," he said. "There were a  few [fender benders] this morning. A lot of black ice out there, so good tires on your car, make sure your tires are well maintained."

It wasn't just driveways and roads that were covered. Sidewalks were a problem too.

“You got to stay on top of this thing," Matias said.

A little preparation can go a long way.

“[We're] sanding these walks, salting these walks trying to get it to melt so we can shovel it," said Ted Kunsa of Meriden. "It’s all frozen up solid. That’s all I can think of doing is putting salt down.”

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