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Icy storm leads to more slips and falls

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Wednesday icy storm led to more slips and falls (WFSB) Wednesday icy storm led to more slips and falls (WFSB)

It was a skating rink in many parking lots and driveways because of the snow and rain mix Wednesday, and if you slipped on the ice, you're not alone.

Some people hurt themselves so badly, they had to take a trip to the emergency room, and doctors at Hartford Hospital said they are seeing patients with broken bones.

“It was like a sheet of ice, you could go ice skating on,” said Marsha Baretta, who fell on ice when taking the trash out.

She said her condo complex was covered in ice, but you couldn’t see it.

“I completely skated and slid and flipped and rolled right on the ice. It was unseen because of the snow,” she said.

She's not the only to take a tumble.

A neighbor, her father fell in the same spot and he had a knee replacement, and that's a little more tentative because of the lack of stability.

Baretta said she feels fine now, but she's one of the lucky ones.

“Today we are seeing ground level falls, people falling breaking their wrists and one or two people have broken an ankle,” said Chief of Emergency Medicine at Hartford Hospital Dr. Kenneth Robinson.

He said he's seeing patients involved in car crashes because of the weather on Wednesday.

Luckily, everyone he's seen will be okay.

As for the ice, he says you have to be careful out on sidewalks, driveways and in parking lots.

“Be careful where you are putting your feet. Take it slow and take some extra time,” Baretta said.

A lot of people just have bumps and bruises from a fall, so there's no reason to visit the emergency room, but if you hit your head or just don't feel right, you might want to call your doctor or visit your nearest emergency room.

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