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Hamden man, 64, prepares to climb Mount Kilimanjaro

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Lew Nescott is ready to climb Mount Kilimanjaro (WFSB) Lew Nescott is ready to climb Mount Kilimanjaro (WFSB)

Climbing for a cause. A Hamden man is getting set to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, to raise money for a nonprofit.

Lew Nescott worked to test his lung volume and oxygen consumption, his mental process and memory, and his muscle strength on Friday.

The 64-year-old is gearing up and getting ready for the 19,000-foot climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa.

"It’s something that I’ve wanted to do. I thought in this lifetime I never would do based on time, resources,” Nescott said.

Helping to make sure he’s in top shape, is the crew inside Quinnipiac University’s Motion Analysis Laboratory.

“We have a couple of sensors that Lew is going to wear on the mountain, it’s going to measure things like his heart rate, respiratory rate, body temperature, GPS tracking, oxygen saturation, that way as he does the hike we can see how those variables change with altitude,” said Tom Martin, of Quinnipiac University.

An experienced climber, who's already scaled three of the seven highest peaks in world, Nescott leaves next weekend for the climb.

He started high-intensity interval training and testing with first-year med student Katherine Woolley and biomedical sciences Professor Tom Martin back in December.

"It’s the equivalent of stretching it really quickly and then bringing it back down,” Nescott said.

The results they have now will be a baseline as to how his body reacts to the climb and the altitude, along with doing memory tests during the climb.

"He'll actually be doing that on the mountain, videotaping himself, so we'll be getting live data on how he's talking, how he's walking how he's feeling. Is he nauseous, how he's eating, how he's sleeping, so we're going to get incredible data,” Woolley said.

When Nescott returns to the states in early March, he will go back to the lab where the crew will examine him once again to compare the results.

It’s not just the climb. Along the way, Nescott is raising money for the Sarah Foundation in Guilford, a nonprofit serving people with intellectual and other disabilities.

"Sponsorship was $0.01 a foot, I’m taking up a banner, get your name on a banner. That's kind of fun and that's a driver for me. It’s not like write us a check, it’s like game on. The money is there. Now all I have to do is climb this thing,” Nescott said.

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