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Potholes are costing drivers hundreds of dollars

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It's that time of the year when potholes are popping up, costing drivers hundreds (WFSB) It's that time of the year when potholes are popping up, costing drivers hundreds (WFSB)

Potholes are all over the place this time of year. There are big ones, small ones, and plenty that are pretty deep.

While they can do a number on your car, crews in New Haven are trying to prevent that by patching them up.

In New Haven, there are two crews assigned to pothole patrol every day, filling in craters with a hot patch.

While potholes are keeping crews busy, the same can be said for mechanics at local garages.

“People are coming in more and more complaining I have a flat tire. It’s getting to be a daily occurrence,” said Tom Aquila, of Aquila Motors.

From flat tires to busted rims and broken hubcaps, February is usually early when it comes to pothole season.  

Thanks to the weather, and temperatures going up and down, it's already been pretty pricey.

“Oh that can set them back about $300 to $400, and depending if they do any suspension damage where they bend something underneath,” Aquila said.

In fact, AAA reports pothole damage costs United States drivers approximately $3 billion a year.

Since late January, New Haven Public Works crews have been hot patching craters and canyons all over the city, and the requests keep coming in.

“Anybody that sees any potholes, they can report to See Click Fix. I get it, and that’s when I distribute it to the guys,” said Lynwood Dorsey, of the New Haven Department of Public Works.

As for protecting your car, until the potholes can get plugged up, the best tip is to look ahead when driving and slow down.

If you do hit one head on, Aquila says there are some signs to know something is off.

“People complain at a high speed a shimmy or shake, after they’ve hit a pothole and the steering wheel will actually shake in their hand a little bit, or they’ll feel vibration as they drive.  At that time, you know the damage has been done and you need to have somebody look at it,” Aquila said.

If you’ve got a pothole in your town that’s becoming a nuisance, you can report it on the Channel 3 app’s Pothole Patrol section here.

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