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Bobcat sightings increase, CT researching

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A close call with nature as two large bobcats were caught on camera cutting through an East Haven yard.

Once they were nearly extinct here in the state, but now they’re back.

The bobcat sighting happened on Sunday and the homeowner that caught them on camera said he’s just happy his dogs weren’t outside.

Now for years a sighting would have been rare, but they’ve been protected since the 1970s and they are making a comeback.

The state is trying to figure just how large the population is, so if you see one the state wants to hear from you.

“I was making a cup of coffee, just about to let the little one out, just saw them roaming around in the back,” said Kevin Rydlweski of East Haven.

Rydlweski said that’s when he grabbed his cellphone and started taking a video of the tow bobcats he spotted right outside the back door of his home on Northeast Drive.

“They were very big. They were there for about 10 minutes,” Rydlweski said.

The security cameras on the back of Rydlweski’s home even caught the bobcats in a playful fight.

“They went around this way here, they were spotted an hour later in North Branford on Route 22 where they hold the Potato and Corn Festival,” Rydlweski.

Rydlweski posted his video to Facebook and his has been shared more than 2,000 times.

According to the state, the bobcat is the only wildcat here in Connecticut and it’s a top predator.

Because of the resurgence after once being nearly extinct in the state, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s wildlife division has an ongoing project.

They are trying to determine just how large the bobcat population is here, along with the range of their habitat.

They’re asking residents to contact them and report the location of any observations, like a video that was sent to Eyewitness News showing bobcats in Avon.

The state said its goal is to collar 50 bobcats a year and put an ear tag on them.

“Somebody did get in touch with me yesterday. Said they’ll send it to the biologists who are running the program and they’ll take it from there, but there were no tags or anything on them,” said Rydlweski

For more information on the CT Bobcat Project and how you can report any observations you can click here.

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