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Morris woman destroys gun following Parkland school shooting

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As survivors of the Parkland shooting head to their state capitol to lobby lawmakers on gun control, a Connecticut woman came up with her own form of advocacy.

After last week’s school shooting, Amanda Meyer, of Morris and a five-year gun owner, destroyed her gun.

“I'll never forget that day. It was an awful day. Even though it wasn't our school, it almost feels like it could have been any of us,” Meyer said.

She was teaching math and science in Westport, just over 20 miles away from Newtown, when a lone shooter unleashed terror on Sandy Hook school in 2012.

Her cousins were at a country music concert in Las Vegas last year when more than 50 people were killed by a gunman.

“It could have been. You know, it's just too much too close, and that stuff starts to get to you after a while,” Meyer said.

But as someone who grew up around guns in Iowa, it was only natural for her to own a Sig Sauer P229.

Meyer said recent shootings and divisiveness around guns forced her to change her thinking.

“Semi-automatic guns are made for killing people. That's why they're produced. And that's not really something I support, obviously, killing people. So, I just realized it would be better to get rid of it,” Meyer said.

She considered selling, but then thought twice, keeping suicide victims in mind, including her own brother, Dan.

“The cycle can end with me and I can be sure that nothing bad will ever happen with this particular gun,” Meyer said.

She took Facebook to share her thoughts, saying “this is literally the only thing I can think of is to have fewer guns in this world,” and saw her gun in half.

She said she called several police departments trying to figure out where she could turn in her gun. She ultimately ended up handing it in to New Haven police.

Meyer had to sign a surrender form, and local police will transfer the gun to Connecticut State Police.

People wishing to surrender firearms need to call ahead and make an appointment with any local or state department. Never show up with a gun unannounced.

Also, guns should never be surrendered to police at Bradley International Airport.

As for Meyer, she's enjoying a new-found liberation after handing her gun over this morning.

“I’m not saying it's for everybody. If you're really attached to it, that's something you have to think about, but at least think about the option,” she said.

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