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Lawmakers weigh in on Trump's proposal to ban 'bump stocks'

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On Tuesday President Donald Trump says he directed Attorney General Jeff Sessions to draft regulations that would ban any devices that turn legal, semi-automatic firearms into automatic weapons.

This would include a device known as a "bump stock" which is the same type of device used in the Las Vegas shooting back in October.

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy took to Twitter to react writing quote “Sign after sign this week that we've hit a fulcrum point in this debate where politicians are, for the first time, scared on the political consequences of inaction on guns. Small, but vital step in the history of our movement.”

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Gov. Dannel Malloy weighed in on the issue, saying "Unfortunately, this has all the hallmarks of a classic bait-and-switch.  We need more than just regulations - we need to make this the law.  In Connecticut, we are going to pass a law banning bump stocks and we firmly believe that the federal government should do the same.  The language in the legislation I proposed this session represents a strong, smart approach to this issue.  I strongly urge federal officials, including President Trump, to take a look at our bill and implement similar legislation nationwide."

In a statement, Newtown Action Alliance said "We are pleased to hear that Donald Trump has asked the DOJ to ban bump stocks after Parkland but we won't celebrate until it happens. The NRA signaled support for bump stock regulation after the deadly Las Vegas shooting but there have been no action. It would be a small step in the right direction if bump stocks were banned but this alone would not be enough to end these horrific shootings in America. Gun violence is a complex problem that requires a comprehensive set of solutions. We need him to pass universal background check, assault weapons ban and extreme risk protection "red flag" laws as a second step."

As for a timeline, President Trump says the regulations will be finalized very soon.

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