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CT lawmakers welcome president's bump stock ban proposal

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In the wake of the high school shooting in Parkland, FL and mounting pressure for action, the president is taking a step toward some measure of gun control.

President Donald Trump proposed a ban on bump stocks.

Many Connecticut lawmakers said they welcome the proposal and called it long overdue.

The plan would ban bump stocks, which essentially turn legal firearms into automatic weapons. Investigators said they were used in the Las Vegas shooting where 58 people were gunned down from a high-rise hotel.

"They turn semi-automatic weapons unto machine guns, and they are killers, so they ought to be banned," said Sen. Richard Blumenthal. "I welcome the president’s objective and hope that his order can be the way to do it.” 

Connecticut lawmakers said it's time for at least a vote in Congress.

"Congress is complicit every time there’s a massacre of this nature because we haven’t taken any action, not even a vote, which is our constitutional responsibility," said Rep. John Larson.

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On Wednesday, a recent Quinnipiac Poll said views could be turning.

This Quinnipiac Poll was conducted right after the Florida school shooting, and the poll’s assistant director says the response shows a quite the surge.
“If the President is really serious, he’s going to be supporting a ban on assault weapons, as well as high capacity magazines, and background checks on every gun purchase,” Blumenthal said.

According to a Quinnipiac Poll out this week focusing on the topic, a majority of Americans agree.

“We started polling right after the shooting in Florida and we saw a dramatic change in the way people are looking at gun control in this country and it’s not just background checks, people want to take a look at assault weapons, who can own guns, so clearly the Florida tragedy played a big role in this change of opinion,” said Tim Malloy, of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

In that Quinnipiac Poll, 66 percent of American voters support stricter gun laws.

Malloy said that’s up from 47 percent in December of 2015.

“In the last two years, we’ve seen nearly a 20 percent jump in the number of Americans who want dramatic change in the way our gun laws work. From trends, usually come change,” Malloy said.

The latest poll shows 97 percent of voters saying they support universal background checks, including 97 percent among gun owners.

There is 67 percent in favor of a nationwide ban on the sale of assault weapons, 83 percent would like to see a mandatory waiting period for all gun purchases, and 75 percent say Congress needs to do more to reduce gun violence.

On Wednesday, Trump held a listening session with high schoolers, their parents, and teachers following the deadly Florida shooting.  

The sit down also included families from the shootings at Newtown and Columbine.

“The test will be not just whether the president is listening, but whether he’s acting with meaningful measures like background checks on all purchases,” Blumenthal said.

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