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Cards of love and kindness for Parkland

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Cards of love and kindless for Parkland (WFSB) Cards of love and kindless for Parkland (WFSB)
Cards for Parkland (WFSB) Cards for Parkland (WFSB)

As Parkland students continue to mourn and cope with last week’s tragic shooting, a group of girls huddled together creating cards on Saturday morning at Something Simple Café in Hebron.

A group of Mothers had an idea to create cards of love and kindness that will be ultimately delivered to students in Parkland.

“We’re going to have people be able to make cards in the six different locations that we have, and we’re going to collect all the cards and the MOMS Club is going to ship them directly to the MOMS Club in Parkland,” said Michelle Nicholson.

The process starts at a card making station and next week they'll be delivered to all five of the schools in Parkland, Florida next week.

Jessica Dapsis, the owner of Something Simple Café said, “Sometimes making a small gesture makes us feel a lot better. We feel sometimes a little bit helpless and a little hopeless, so these things can also help us feel better about a community.”

If your business would like to set up a station please call 603-986-8335.

Any crafts or supplies such as colored paper, markers and crayons are welcome.

If you're interested in making a card, stop by one of the following locations.

Something Simple Cafe
Saturday- 8am-5pm
Sunday - 8am - 3pm
Monday - 7am - 5pm
Tuesday - 7am -5pm
Wednesday - 7am - 5pm

Columbia Mini B Library
Saturday- 10am-5pm
Monday - 10am - 5pm
Tuesday - 10am -8pm
Wednesday - 10am - 6pm

Saturday- 12pm - 9pm
Sunday - 12pm - 8pm
Tuesday - 2pm -8pm
Wednesday - 2pm - 6pm

FennAgains Pub
Saturday- 11am-10pm
Sunday - 11am-10pm
Monday - 11am-10pm
Tuesday - 11am-10pm
Wednesday - 11am-6pm

Hebron Douglas Library
Saturday- 10am-3pm
Monday - 12pm-8pm
Tuesday - 10am-8pm
Wednesday - 12pm-6pm

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