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Residents continue to raise concerns about potholes

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Residents continue to raise concerns about potholes (WFSB) Residents continue to raise concerns about potholes (WFSB)

They’re sporadic, unpredictable and seem to be everywhere. They’re massive potholes on local and state roads, all season.

Stanley Sznkowitcz has been living in Bristol for more than 40 years. Long enough to know where some potholes keep appearing.

“It seems like they're worse but that's maybe because I pay more attention to it now,” Sznkowitcz said.

Channel 3 heard from viewers about a massive pothole on Route 72.

Neighbors say they've seen tires blow out and near accidents because of it.

“People's cars can get messed up from it at the very least,” Sznkowitcz said.

The state’s Department of Transportation is responsible for potholes on state roads, but says it doesn't have any active complaints about the one on Route 72.

The city's Public Works department has patched it before, despite not being responsible for state roads, but this isn't the only state road drivers say they have issues with.

“I believe that Route 6, it is a state highway and they seem to neglect filling in the potholes there,” said Ed Vetre, of Terryville.

The Dept. of Transportation said they need more people to report potholes when they see them.

Municipalities like Bristol said they're out patching potholes whenever they’re not responding to weather.

Officials said they have spent 70 percent of its nearly $1 million patch budget.

To report a pothole to Channel 3, click here.

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