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Groton mother says school isn't doing enough to stop bullying

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(Groton West Middle School) (Groton West Middle School)

A local mother is concerned about her teenage daughter being bullied in school and said the school district isn’t doing enough to stop this.

The Groton School District told Eyewitness News they were informed about this specific bullying case about one month ago.

On Tuesday, the mother of the 12-year-old student met with the principal at West Middle School in Groton to talk about how the school and the school district are handling this case.

It concerns a targeted written statement on a bathroom wall, and that the student harms them self.

The student’s mother, Lynn, said the bullying continued, even happening on Tuesday, on a bathroom wall.

“I don’t feel they’re doing the best they possibly can in order to find the person that’s doing it,” Lynn said.

The school district said they take each case very seriously. With guidelines in pace, the district policy mirrors the state policy.

The policy states, “Bullying shall include, but is not limited to, a written, oral or electronic communication or physical act or gesture.”

Assistant School Superintendent Susan Austin said they investigate the allegation and then treat the evidence found like a crime.

“Well, it actually is a matter of fact. I mean they’re doing a written analysis of handwriting. They have a sign in and out process of children going to the lave so they can kind of narrow it down,” Austin said.

The school district said once the bully is identified, action will be taken including counseling.

“I do hope they find the person that’s doing it and I do hope that appropriate action is taken,” Lynn said.

The school district said they’ll do a complete investigation and give the parents information.

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