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State police gun registration system is backlogged more than 20,000

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A tip led to a startling discovery.

A state lawmaker has learned there is a huge backlog of gun registrations, more than 20,000.

It’s an issue that's brought calls for action.

Republican State Rep. Brian Ohler said with all of the regulations and changes regarding guns, Connecticut State Police are not keeping up with registrations.

"There have been some serious shortcomings in the special licensing and firearms unit,” Ohler said.

He said he got information from someone within the state police who told him there was backlog of gun registrations.

This means that those forms have not been entered into the state police system.

Dora Schriro, the commissioner who oversees the state police, did not make herself available to talk about this to Channel 3, but the agency did answer some questions.

When asked how many there were, the agency said there’s a backlog of more than 21,000 registrations, about a two-month delay.

When asked if this has been a long-term problem, the agency said the lowest backlog was 4,000 in July 2017, but the largest was in 2013 with 75,000.

"It's a serious public safety concern and legal gun owners out there, myself included. We are trying to do the right thing, we are doing what's asked of us but with all the laws that agency is trying to juggle, there is now a serious shortcoming in that unit,” Ohler said.

He added that he instructed the commissioner to get people to manually enter information to get those registrations processed. But they would not get any more money from the state to get that done.

Connecticut State Police said in the short term they are going to reassign light duty troopers to work overtime.

The long-term solution will be to automate database, which could take 12 to 18 months.

Ohler raised a concern about what happens if someone is found to have a legally purchased gun but is not registered, and state police said they can check with their firearms unit to make sure the gun is legal.

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