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Winter Storm Elsa

New Haven crews prepare for storm clean up

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Crews are ready to clean up whatever Winter Storm Elsa brings (WFSB) Crews are ready to clean up whatever Winter Storm Elsa brings (WFSB)

On Tuesday, public works crews in New Haven said they’ll be ready for whatever Winter Storm Elsa has in store.

In the Elm City, they’re going to be focusing not only on cleaning streets and opening up neighborhoods, but also clearing snow out of the downtown area, especially because the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the city is this weekend.

“So far, we’ve been very fortunate this year, and we’re under budget,” said Mark DeCola, CFO of New Haven’s Department of Public Works.

Its entire budget for this snow season is $675,000. Between supplies like salt and sand, outside plow support, overtime, and miscellaneous items so far, its spent nearly $484,000. That means it still has roughly $191,000 left.

The city will have 40 trucks out plowing on Wednesday and salting its 231 miles of roads.

Because it has been warm lately, the city said it doesn’t need to pre-treat the roads.

“As you can see the sun is out today, so the roads are nice and warm, so the pavement won’t be as cold, so when the snow hits, it’s going to melt, so it’s a savings for us right now, also the weather, after the storm, it’s going to be above freezing,” DeCola said.

New Haven isn’t just focusing on plowing, but also clearing. That’s because the popular St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which brings thousands of spectators downtown, is this weekend.

“The St Patrick’s Day Parade is Sunday and we’re going to put a lot of emphasis downtown, so it’s safe and its clean so when the parade goers are here they’re in good shape and don’t have to worry about somebody getting hurt,” said Rick Fontana, of New Haven Emergency Management.

The city says that means you could see an extended parking ban in the downtown area, along with the huge snow blower the city bought a few years ago to help remove the snow before the weekend.

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