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Winter Storm Ferris

Cities, towns gear up for another nor'easter

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Crews spent Monday gearing up for Winter Storm Ferris (WFSB) Crews spent Monday gearing up for Winter Storm Ferris (WFSB)

Cities and towns across the state just got done cleaning up from Winter Storm Elsa, but now crews are gearing up for Winter Storm Ferris.

In Tolland, they have over 90 miles of roadway to cover, but the snow is expected to be coming down 2 to 3 inches per hour, so it will be tough keeping up.

"Last time we had a lot of people get stuck in the snow, a lot of people had two-wheel drive cars stuck in snow banks, power lines, trees coming down, medical calls those types of things but we'll be ready,” said Vernon Police Lt. William Meier.

With Winter Storm Ferris on the way for Tuesday, a parking ban has already been put into effect for Vernon, and many other communities, as emergency responders will be increasing staffing levels.

See a list of parking bans and school closures here.

Public works crews were busy prepping throughout the day on Monday, loading up on salt and sand.

“Just setting up my truck, putting the chains on. I work up in the Rockville part of town so I have a lot of hills. So, the last storm was real slippery so I’ll have my chains on, be prepared and be ready to go,” said Tim Moriarty, of Vernon Public Works.

In addition to the crews, residents spend Monday getting ready for the incoming snow storm.

True Value hardware store in Willimantic was humming with people on Monday.

"Pretty crazy you got your winter stuff, you got your summer stuff, they're all in the same, we can't put anything away because people want shovels, they want salt and they also want soils and stuff like that, and plus they're looking at lawn mowers, tree trimmers and stuff like that,” said Brian Hall, who is the store manager.

Tyler Steffen ventured out on Monday to make sure his grandmother was ready for another storm.

"I have a grandmother who is unable to really walk so when we lose power I normally rig something up to make it easier I normally have a bunch of water in the basement that I keep by,” Steffen said.

Crews in Norwich were also preparing on Monday.

Snow contractor Randy Bumgarner is ready for Winter Storm Ferris, and ready to work straight the next 24 to 36 hours, plowing and sanding.

“You have to be careful because if you put the sand salt down too soon that’s just a waste of money for myself, so at the end you sand/salt,” Bumgarner said.

At Norwich Public Utilities, public works trucks are topped off with their salt material and fueled up, so when the snow does accumulate they can move it fast.

“You can make sure that you have the right material, the right equipment, the right personnel in place but a lot of it is going to come down to responding. We don’t know what Mother Nature is going to throw at us but we have to be ready no matter what,” said Chris Riley of Norwich Public Utilities.

Many municipalities like the Rose City have ordinances about snow and snow removal. 

In Norwich, when a parking ban goes into effect you cannot park on the odd side of the street.

Violators face a $25 fine and a tow.

Also, property owners must remove snow from abutting sidewalks within 12 hours of the storm, six hours after sunrise following an overnight snow.

Many had to run to the stores Monday evening before the storm arrived.

Signs of spring were popping up in the grocery aisles of Westchester Market, but a few rows down, signs of winter's reality can't be avoided. The run on bread and milk was real Monday night in Colchester.

“I think a lot of people are seeing the forecast and doing the same thing,” said Kathleen Simoneau, of Colchester.

You can't blame her for being prepared. Colchester and places south of town spent days without power from last week's storm and they don't want to find themselves hungry and in the dark again.

The outages even affected the store itself.

Owners say a generator donated by Higgins Electric allowed them to stay open in the days after the storm.

It also kept homeowners like Damon Meeks warm in his East Haddam home.

“We got everything set up, the TV going, everyone was happy,” Meeks said.

With the forecast calling for more than a foot in many areas in the eastern part of the state, generators will be put to the test.

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