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School districts plan ahead of another possible snow day

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School districts are trying to plan how to make up extra snow days (WFSB) School districts are trying to plan how to make up extra snow days (WFSB)

Winter Storm Genny could mean more snow days or early dismissals. It’ll be a tough call for superintendents around the state who are already trying to reconfigure their calendars.

For some areas, another snow day could mean they’ll be losing spring break entirely this year.

Torrington High School freshman Collin Scanlon says school has been canceled for weather events that didn’t seem so bad to him.

“I think it’s been way too many,” he said.

With Winter Storm Genny heading into town Wednesday, it’s highly likely superintendents will cancel school again

“It’s not really that big of a downside to me because I’m skiing. But I can see how people would be upset about it,” said Alexander, a senior at Wolcott Tech.

Torrington has had eight snow days so far. The superintendent said she does not want a ninth.

She says she would prefer to make up days by taking them away from April vacation rather than extending the school year past June 22.

Some students agree.

“I’d prefer to get out earlier partly because it gets hot in the school even in the winter,” Scanlon said.

Nearby at Wolcott Tech, the faculty and staff vote on how they’ll make up snow days to ensure they get the required 180 days of classroom time.

However, some families already had to modify their plans.

At Wolcott Tech, they’ve already lost four out of five April vacation days. 

Winter Storm Genny could wipe out spring break entirely, but some say it won’t bother them.

“Us at Tech, we got a set date for graduation. Once we get to that day, seniors don’t have to come back anymore,” Alexander said.

Torrington’s school board hasn’t yet made a decision regarding the make-up days, but they are expected to do so at their next board meeting. 

Students in Waterbury found out on Tuesday night that they will have a snow day on Wednesday. 

While it means a day off, it also means that students will have a delayed start to their summer vacation. 

"Because at my school it just affects the summertime for us," said Caesar Crenshaw, at 4th grader in Waterbury. 

Caesar said since he has the day off he's not going to waste it.

"Probably just read for 20 minutes and then chillax with my beautiful mother," Crenshaw said. 

the last day of school for Waterbury students will not be June 21st. 

Waterbury Director of Personnel, Bob Brenker, understands student's disappointment, but the bottom line is with this kind of storm, it's better to play it safe. 

"We can't take a chance. We don't know what's going to happen with that storm and we have new buses that we haven't tested with snow yet and we don't want to test them with children on board," Brenker said. 

While parents in Waterbury admit they are sick of all of the storms, they are glad that district leaders refuse to roll the dice when it comes to safety. 

"Definitely better safe than sorry. You don't want them traveling on a bus and have some kind of issue accident wise," said Roland Garvins, a Waterbury parent. 

Waterbury schools don't budget snow days into their school calendar. Instead, for maximum flexibility, they simply push back the end of the school year every time they have to cancel classes. 

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