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Winter Storm Genny

State braces for 4th nor'easter in three weeks

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The state is bracing for yet another nor'easter (WFSB) The state is bracing for yet another nor'easter (WFSB)

Winter Storm Genny is coming to Connecticut, but can the state afford it?

While it’s affordable, it’s not really wanted.

It’s the fourth nor'easter in a matter of weeks, and it is seemingly more taxing on the morale rather than the pockets.

"Of course we are going to do our job in removing the snow and keeping people safe and we're going to respond to this occurrence just like we respond to every other weather occurrence,” said Gov. Dannel Malloy.

Whether at the state or local level, people are tired of talking about snow, but safety is at the top of everyone's list.

"It's been a long winter with a lot of small storms and a couple of big ones but we budgeted appropriately, so we are still comfortable with where we are on the budget, but we sure would love some spring weather to come,” said Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin.

As of Tuesday, there was no parking ban in Hartford, but they are still waiting to see how the storm develops as are the state crews.

See a list of parking bans here.

"Based on weather projections right now we'll have the full fleet of dot trucks out on the road and we will have the 200 contractors on standby and it depends on how the weather goes here we may or may not have to use them,” Malloy said.

The state has set aside about $36 million this year for their snow and ice budget.

“For us, we base that on a 10-year storm average so we reflect over the past 10 years, we take an average of those past 10 years and we use that as a set aside kind of ballpark figure for our snow and ice budget and we have the ability to adjust upward or downwards as necessary,” Malloy said.

The Connecticut Department of Transportation says this storm could put them over the allocated snow and ice budget, but not to worry.

"When we do budget for snow we're actually just getting a ballpark figure. In the case of this year we set aside about $36 million and we just about used all of that $36 million so this snow storm will put us over the top, we will have to adjust upwards for this storm and that's not an issue for us we have mechanisms in place to do that,” DOT spokesperson Kevin Nursick said.

Trucks have already been out pre-treating roadways.

"Tomorrow when the snow rolls in we'll bring crews in and we'll start dispatching them around the state to match the storm geographically as it comes in,” Nursick said.

Over 630 state plow trucks will be out on the roads for Winter Storm Genny.

"For us we really don't start hanging up our jackets until mid-April because you just don't know what's going to happen here in New England you just never know and you can't be caught off guard or behind the 8 ball when a storm comes rolling in late in the season,” Nursick said.

He added that there has been plenty of time between storms to clean up so crews have not been significantly taxed but it sure would be nice to have some warmer spring-like weather.

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